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AST Overview
Get answers.  Take action.   ASTRA's 360 Analytics for airports.
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ASTRA Overview

Analytical Scorecards for Transit and Airports (ASTRA) is a comprehensive analytical solution that provides timely, fact-based insight into your entire airport operations process. Providing an unprecedented level of information usability and reach to your management, ASTRA is capable of integrating data from multiple sources to provide a unified and complete view of your enterprise.
ASTRA is built with industry-leading Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) architecture and provides you with insight into business-critical information as defined by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP). ASTRA's pre-built ETL, dashboards and reports provide the basis for your key stakeholders to develop a full 360-degree view of airport operations. Further, ASTRA is independent of the various transactional platforms used to generate information, allowing for a faster implementation timeline and a higher return on investment.
ASTRA is architected to provide users with a single point of access for consolidated data and equipped with powerful tools for advanced analysis. With ASTRA, your airport will leverage the power of information to guide strategic planning efforts, generate asset utilization studies, and enhance the quality of services provided to the traveling public while maintaining a clear insight into cost structures.
ASTRA Brochure
ASTRA Brochure
ASTRA Highlights
Follows Industry Recommendations
Open Architecture
Superior Technical Foundation
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Fast Deployment
Easily Extendable