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Transit Analytics

ASTRA is a complete business analytics solution for public transit agencies. Unlike business intelligence or data warehouse tools, ASTRA is a complete off-the-shelf application that is ready to use. Our offering includes implementation services to integrate data from your multitude of operational and ERP systems and configure the dashboards to your specific requirements.
Initial deployment of ASTRA includes over 100 pre-built KPIs based on industry best practices outlined in TCRP Report 88: "A Guidebook for Developing a Transit Performance-Measurement System" and Report 141: "A Methodology for Performance Measurement and Peer Comparison in the Public Transportation Industry", which can be displayed in multiple formats among the various critical performance areas in ASTRA.
These performance areas are laid out in easy-to-navigate dashboards with drilldown capabilities, export functionality and customization to allow individual users to focus on areas of concern. Additionally, ASTRA provides individual users the opportunity to create and modify their own dashboard with metrics and reporting most critical to their respective roles. Pre-built views are provided for functional and executive roles as diverse as CEO global views to safety and security professionals, to accounts receivable responsibilities.
Personalized Content
Example of one's personalized dashboard with content (alerts, charts, links, etc.) selected by each user to target their own areas of focus