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AST Overview
Get answers.  Take action.   ASTRA's 360 Analytics for transits.
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ASTRA Overview

Analytical Scorecards for Transit and Airports (ASTRA) is a comprehensive analytical solution that provides timely, fact based insight into the entire public transit operations process. It provides an unprecedented level of information usability and reach to the management. ASTRA is independent of transactional systems used by the agency and is capable of integrating data from multiple sources to provide a unified and complete view of the enterprise. Users from Planning & Analysis to Operations to top executives get the up to the minute information that is actionable, personalize-able and relevant.
ASTRA provides to you the ability to instantly answer questions such as:
  How is my agency's on time performance compared to the industry benchmark?
  Which are the busiest sectors and service hours?
  What is the most frequent reason for train or bus delays?
  What is the capacity utilization for each route?
  What is our maintenance cost compared to industry benchmark?
  How much energy is consumed per mile of operation and how it is compared to industry benchmark?
  How many seniors are impacted when a train or bus is delayed?
The ASTRA dashboards are fully compliant with Transportation Research Board (TRB) recommendations and have been developed using industry leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools and database from Oracle Corporation.
ASTRA Brochure
ASTRA Brochure
Why Measure Performance?
Read about transit performance measurement through analytics and business intelligence, and how ASTRA's real-time, pre-built solutions can answer real-time questions about your business operations, service levels, revenue streams, and more.